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Helen worked for me as my PA for two years before moving to London only to be diagnosed with her cancer shortly after arriving in the city. The greatest thing about Helen was that she was the same person before and then during her illness. She was great fun, a terrific character and a person whose beauty and personality lit up every room into which she walked. She fought bravely and cheerfully against her disease and is missed by everyone who knew her.
Peter McCormick,OBE.

I still remember Helen as vividly as if I had last seen her yesterday.
Whenever I think of her, it is always with the dazzling smile that was so expressive of her personality. That smile radiated a kindness and humour which to me were the hallmarks of her character and epitomised everything she did. As greatly as I miss her, the memory of those qualities is still very much with me, and there is no mood so sombre that it can’t be lightened by thoughts of her. She may be gone, but for me, her life isn’t over.

Andy Butler ……friend

Why Hellie was special to me.

  • Her friendship was special and unconditional as well as totally unselfish.
  • She had a wicked sense of humour and kept it at all times, especially when she felt her worst.
  • She put others first and always asked me how Patrick was when he was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy even though she was feeling poorly and in pain.
  • We had some wonderful holidays and a big highlight was to see how many times Hellie would change her bikini in a day - she had quite a few!
  • Above all, Hellie had an ability to give all the time and I miss her.

Her loving friend forever


Chuck was, to us, earthily practical, waspishly sharp-witted, naturally beautiful but camera shy, determinedly brave, a carefree shopper, of dubious musical taste, a focussed soap fan, an unyielding driver, a conservative eater, an enthusiastic sun-bather, a sambuca drinker, a generous and loyal best friend, a surprised Best Man... Chuck is, to us, an eternal memory.

Mike and Claire Keenan

Hels, you were truly one of the best With your smile, your humour and all the rest. Even when ill, you still had a glow With love for parties, shops and of course Manilo. You lit up our lives, whenever you came And to us, you were always exactly the same. So thanks for the fun and thanks for the light You're still a great star and will always shine bright.

Anne and Graham..family friends

My Best Friend.
When I think of Hellie, which is most days, I smile because we had so many fabulous and memorable times together. She was my best friend and I miss her enormously.

Nikki Bussey

Hels was my Secretary for over 8½ years, during which time, she spearheaded the organisation of all my firm’s social events. She made an enormous contribution to the work and happiness of the firm. All this on top of being amazingly good at her job. She just made it fun to come to work.
Whenever I think of Hels, I think of her laughing. Hels was always making us laugh. An enormous affection and fondness developed between us. More than that – we all loved Helen. When she first became ill, we all thought her courage in dealing with her sickness inspirational. When she left in 1999, no-one dreamt that the terrible illness would return. When it did, the way she carried herself through that recurrence made me feel very humble indeed. She never displayed any self pity and I never heard her ever complain. Hels was undoubtedly one of the very bravest people I have ever met or indeed are likely to meet.
The influence that Helen had on so many people’s lives in quite extraordinary, and amazingly positive. I feel we were very fortunate to have known and loved Helen and none of us will ever forget her.

Max Wieliczko

Hellie has left an enormous gap in all our lives. She was the most incredibly special daughter, sister, girlfriend to Jimmy and Aunt. She filled our houses with laughter. Her gentleness, true goodness, compassion and caring for others, her enormous generosity and her humour will live in us forever. We miss her as much now as the day she left but are so grateful that we experienced the wonderful joy that was Helen.

Her family: Robin, Angela, Charlie, Sue, Jimmy, Rae and Andrew. Ben, Ollie, Millie, Charlie, Billy, Jimmy and Joey.

I came across this website last night. I had no idea that Helen had suffered from this dreadful disease. Helen and I were very close friends at Oakdene school. We were tennis partners for many years and also played lacrosse together for many years. We had such fun together whilst at school. I spent many a happy day in Hurley at her home. My memories of Helen are of a very beautiful, special person with enormous amounts of energy and fun. We used to get back from school and then spend about an hour on the phone together in the evening putting the world to rights! Unfortunately we lost contact when we left school. I have often thought about Helen and obviously wish that I had managed to make contact with her a number of years ago. I am so sorry that Helen went through so much suffering. My thoughts are with her family. I lost my Mum to ovarian cancer in 2000 and I raise money for the nurses who looked after her at home by running charity runs. I would very much like to run a charity run for Helen's charity.

Melanie Nicholson